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Volleyball In Rio

The volleyball in Rio is the most popular among all sports. It is played in all parts of the Brazil including Rio and Rio de Janeiro. Let us explore information on volleyball in Rio and volleyball in Rio de Janeiro.

At present, Brazil is the most successful nation in the all categories of volleyball sport. The men’s national team of Brazil is the current champion in the two major competitions of volleyball namely the Volleyball World Cup and World Championship. Also, it is ranked at the top in the FIVB World Rankings. The details regarding the titles won by the Brazilian men are described below. Let us take a look.

• Two gold medals in the Olympics in the year 1992 and 2004.
• Two silver medals in the Olympics in the year 1984 and 2008
• Two World Championship gold medals in year 2002 and 2006.
• Two World Cup gold medals in year 2003 and 2007.
• Eight FIVB World League gold medals in the year 1993, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009.

The women team is not far behind and is also a top ranked team in FIVB World Rankings. In addition to this, it is a current Olympic champion. The details of the titles won by women volleyball team of brazil are given below:

• One Olympic gold medal in year 2008 and two bronze medals in year 1996 and 2000.
• Two World Championship silver medals in year 1994 and 2006.
• Six FIVB World Grand Prix gold medals in year 1994, 1996, 1998, 2004, 2005 and 2006.
• One Volleyball Grand Champions Cup gold medal in year 2005.

The Brazilian volleyball younger teams also perform well and showcase the same success rate as their senior national teams do. Till March 25, 2007 in FIVB, the men ranking in the FIVB men ranking for junior and youth, Brazil is placed number one for women while the men are placed second.

Beach volleyball in Rio and volleyball in Rio de Janeiro has contributed a lot in the success of Brazilian athletes worldwide and no doubt today Brazil is the ruling country. The FIB 2006 World Tour has finished with Brazilians on the top in both men and women rankings. This shows that the future of volleyball in rio and whole of brazil is really bright.

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