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Basketball In Rio

The sport of basketball in Rio and Brazil used to be quite popular at times; however it gradually lost its popularity because of the greater attention which another popular sport of volleyball has earned in recent times.

If you search on the internet to find out the information on basketball in Rio and basketball in Rio de Janeiro region of Brazil in particular, you will get to know about the places especially the beaches where local people as well as tourists enjoy this sport of basketball in Rio. Given below is some more information on basketball in Rio and related things which you will find useful.

If you are a tourist in Rio de Janeiro, then you will certainly look for buying souvenirs in the form of t-shirts depicting basketball in Rio over them for your friends and family back home. It is good idea because you can easily buy then while enjoying game of basketball in Rio on a beach or walking along the streets. There are vendors sitting on the road sides or on beaches offering good deals on gift items and items related to sports like basketball in Rio. You can but the stuff you like at economical rates.

Now, here is some information about players of basketball in Rio and Brazil in whole. The boys national team of Brazil is two times champion of the Basketball World Championship in the year 1959 and 1963. they also have to their credit the three Olympic bronze medals won in the years 1948, 1960, 1964. The most famous and well known renowned male Brazilian basketball player is Oscar Schmidt among men and the most famous female Basketball player is Hortência Marcari. The three of the nation's top players are part of the renowned NBA basketball team. they are the Phoenix Suns' Leandro Barbosa, the Denver Nuggets' Nenê and the Cleveland Cavaliers's Anderson Varejão.

Despite all these achievements, the reality is that basketball in Rio and is still less popular than football, volleyball, motor racing.

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