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Brazilian Snooker

The common name used for the Brazilian snooker is known as sinuca. It is basically a a cue sport which is played on a snooker table. In this sport, only one red ball is used instead of the fifteen and six normal colors of the standard set of snooker balls. In this game of Brazilian Snooker, the balls are having similar point values as in simple snooker and pocket billiards games; a white cue ball is used to pot the red and other colored balls. The game is played almost exclusively in Brazil, and is little known in about Brazilian Snooker in the outside world.

Sinuca brasileira, is another popular name for Brazilian snooker. Since, it is a short and faster version of snooker its rules differ from other the snooker game. The given information on Brazilian snooker mainly comprise of the rules of the game.

The game of Brazilian Snooker is played by using six normal colored and one red ball. The colored balls are set up at their normal position as in snooker on the table. The left out red ball is placed halfway between the pink ball and the right-hand side cushion. The placement of the cue ball is done in the D. The ball can be moved anywhere within the D before playing to pot the red ball by the opening player. After this, the only chance possess by the players to displace the cue ball when an in-off fault, foul occurs, and the incoming opponent gets ball-in-hand, allowing displacement of the cue ball anywhere within the D.

A point is earned by the player who is able to pot the red ball and he needs to pot a color ball to continue shooting. After successfully potting, the player then gets a choice either to play for the yellow specifically or to pot a penalty ball, which is any ball other than the yellow colored ball. The penalty carries the usual point score associated with in snooker. The red ball = 1, the yellow ball = 2, the green ball = 3, the brown ball = 4, the blue ball = 5, the pink ball = 6, the black ball = 7).

Continuing with the information on Brazilian Snooker rules, let us move ahead. The player, who pots a penalty ball, then gets bound to pot the yellow ball. In case, the penalty ball gets missed, a fault is incurred and the incoming opponent gets seven points and a turn at the table, playing at the yellow. The other faults are the same as actions illegal in snooker, however in Brazilian snooker, all faults yield seven points.

The player has the choice of a penalty ball before playing the next color ball in sequence, after every ball is potted. Let us understand this with the help of an illustration. Suppose the player who pots the green ball have the choice to either move straight onto the brown or play a penalty ball beforehand. The player who pots the pink ball must move straight onto the black as it is the only ball left on the table.

We are hoping that the information presented here about Brazilian snooker will surely add to your knowledge about this popular game in Brazil.

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