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Sports are very popular around the globe. There are many different types of sports in the world. Many people get involves in many kinds of sports. Even there are many sports in Rio. Skateboarding is one of the well known sports in Rio. It is estimated 90 % male and 10 % female ratio mainly involves in skateboarding. However, athletes, swimming, judo and sailing are the traditional sports in Rio, Brazil. Even Brazil has earned many Olympic medals in these sports. Some of the well known athletes of Brazil include Adhemar da Silva, Joao Carlos de Oliveira and Maurren Maggi.

Boxing is one of the other sports in Rio and it is very popular amongst the Brazilian in northeast region. However, in Rio sailing and Equestrians are considered as elitist sports, which is not accessible for general population. Today, Brazil is one of the strongest countries in the sports. It can be said that there exist no sports which is not participated by the Brazilian. The other sports in Rio de Janeiro also include team handball which is currently developing being practiced specially in private schools. However, the national team of Brazil is esteemed as the best in America. Handball is also one of other sports in Rio which is increasing in popularity and media cover.

Other sports in Rio which are paying great attention include water polo and roller hockey. However, despite being amateur sports in Rio, water polo and roller hockey national teams had international appearances. Moreover, cricket is rather unknown sports in Rio. The sport of golf is rapidly becoming more practiced in Rio, but is still an elitist sport. Surfing is one of the popular sports in Brazil. Even, many professional Brazilian surfers competed in the men’s and women’s ASP World Championship Tour. Some of the well known Brazilian surfers are Phil Razjman and Carlos Burle. The game of Biribol is a Bralian born sport. It is a type of volleyball played in the swimming pool. Peteca is also another Brazilian born sport. Moreover, American football is being played by young people in some states since the beginning of the 00's.

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