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Footvolley In Rio

The footvolley is basically a sport which is played by mixing various aspects of beach volleyball sport and the sport of soccer. The footvolley in Rio is a very popular sport. There are so many number of Rio footvolley tournaments takes place in Rio and Rio de Janeiro, in which top Brazilian players take part. Apart from this, there are so many games of footvolley in Rio happen on its beaches.

Let us now move towards information on footvolley in Rio. It was created by Octavio de Moraes of Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach, in Brazil in 1965. The purpose of footvolley was to have soccer players touch the ball without violating the formal soccer ban at the time. The players would bring a soccer ball; however chose the volleyball courts because the police would come ask for their ball if they play in football grounds. This game was earlier called as the pevoley. The Rio de Janeiro is considered to be the birth place of the footvolley in Rio ; the cities of Recife, Salvador, Santos, and Florianopolis have also produced great footvolley players who have been playing footvolley since the 1970s. the teams of footvolley had five a side initially. While searching on internet for more Info on Footvolley in Rio, you will find that the players in Rio and Rio de Janeiro have incredible skill and nearly all were professional soccer players.

The Rio Footvolley combines the rules which are based on the rules of beach volleyball with ball touch rules derived from soccer rules. The important information on Footvolley in Rio rules tom know is that the footvolley is beach volleyball game with an exception that no hands and a soccer ball replaces the volleyball.

In recent times, there are so many professional soccer players who are associated with and taking in Rio footvolley in both promotional competitions and charity matches. The some of the famous and well known Brazilian footballers who are associated with the Footvolley in Rio de Janeiro Romário, Edmundo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Edinho.

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