Recette: Savoureux Nick’s Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

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Nick’s Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders.

Nick’s Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders Vous pouvez avoir Nick’s Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders using 7 ingrédients et 7 pas. Voici comment vous réalisez cela.

Ingrédients deNick’s Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders

  1. Préparez of Hawaiian rolls.
  2. C'est of shredded cheddar cheese.
  3. C'est of hamburger meat.
  4. Préparez of diced tomatoes with garlic and onion (drained).
  5. Vous avez besoin of bacon strips.
  6. Vous avez besoin of butter.
  7. Vous avez besoin of brown sugar.

Nick’s Bacon Cheeseburger Sliders étape par étape

  1. Grab a pan, toss it on the stove, set the burner to medium heat. Throw the hamburger meat in the pan..
  2. Set oven to 350, precisely. Cut the glorious Hawaiian Rolls in half so you have a top and bottom bun. Lay the bottom of your Hawaiian Rolls into a large dish. Layer with 2 cups of cheese. Place in the oven for 3 minutes to let the cheese melt onto the buns... My picture shows the cheese a little too done. Dang..
  3. Prepare your bacon. I usually get microwaveable bacon because I guess I’m just disgusting but I got regular bacon for you guys. So either microwave the bacon or throw it on a cookie sheet and let it get crispy in the oven. Microwaving is faster..
  4. The hamburger meat, bacon, and bottom bun layer should be done. Drain the diced tomatoes and then add to the hamburger meat. Go ahead and sprinkle the meat and with some salt and pepper..
  5. Layer your sliders. Add the hamburger meat, then the bacon, next the rest of the cheese, and lastly the top buns..
  6. Add your butter and brown sugar to a bowl. Microwave it until the butter is melted. 23 seconds? Mix the two beautiful ingredients together and then glaze your buns..
  7. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. The top of the buns should look golden and crispy and delicious. Take it out, let it cool, and dig in!.